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I know it’s hard to get started exercising and easy to lose focus and motivation. That’s why I became a Personal Trainer as I love to help people stay on track so they can achieve the results they are capable of.

I got started as a personal trainer in my early 20’s when my best friend was a power lifter. He took the time to teach me all the proper techniques to work out safely and effectively. I then took what he taught me and shared with my friends who I trained with at the gym. One of the friends I advised was a lady in her 40’s, who dropped 40 lbs and gained a nicely toned body. That gave me the motivation to leave the construction industry and become a personal trainer.

Are You Ready to Have Fun?

I teach my clients the right way to exercise and I hold them accountable to keep their workouts on track. I focus on proper form and technique so you learn to work out safely. I utilize different techniques and equipment including the  Gravity Training system to keep your workouts fun you don’t even realize the time is up until you start stretching.

I did my fitness certification at Douglas College in 2005 and upgraded with InfoFit in 2008 to increase my knowledge base and become a certified instructor on the Gravity Training System. I also increased my post rehab knowledge so I can help people recover from injuries or that have special needs.  I continue to take new courses as improving my knowledge is very important to me so I can provide my clients with the most effective training techniques.

Being a personal training is more than making people workout, it’s about educating them on why exercise should be done a certain way to be most effective. I help them make fitness part of their daily lifestyle so they enjoy the positive effects for the long term.

I invite you to meet with me for a complimentary workout so you to have a better understanding of how I can help you.


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