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I know it’s hard to get started exercising and easy to lose focus and motivation. That’s why I became a Personal Trainer as I love to help people stay on track so they can achieve the results they are capable of.

I got started as a personal trainer in my early 20’s when my best friend was a power lifter. He took the time to teach me all the proper techniques to work out safely and effectively. I then took what he taught me and shared with my friends who I trained with at the gym. One of the friends I advised was a lady in her 40’s, who dropped 40 lbs and gained a nicely toned body. That gave me the motivation to leave the construction industry and become a personal trainer.

Are You Ready to Have Fun?

I teach my clients the right way to exercise and I hold them accountable to keep their workouts on track. I focus on proper form and technique so you learn to work out safely. I utilize different techniques and equipment including the  Gravity Training system to keep your workouts fun you don’t even realize the time is up until you start stretching.

I did my fitness certification at Douglas College in 2005 and upgraded with InfoFit in 2008 to increase my knowledge base and become a certified instructor on the Gravity Training System. I also increased my post rehab knowledge so I can help people recover from injuries or that have special needs.  I continue to take new courses as improving my knowledge is very important to me so I can provide my clients with the most effective training techniques.

Being a personal training is more than making people workout, it’s about educating them on why exercise should be done a certain way to be most effective. I help them make fitness part of their daily lifestyle so they enjoy the positive effects for the long term.

I invite you to meet with me for a complimentary workout so you to have a better understanding of how I can help you.



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What my clients say about me

Leesa Strimbicki’s review of Tsquared Personal Training

“He made the whole process fun, challenging and we finished with RESULTS!”

My husband and I have been training with Troy for approximately 10 weeks. We are in the process of moving and sadly will not be able to continue our association with him. I can unequivocally say that our experience training with Troy was excellent. He made the whole process fun, challenging and we finished with RESULTS (I lost 3″ waist and my husband lost 2.5 as well!!!). I also Feel Stronger, and Manny’s Posture has also changed for the better he is no longer hunched over, he stands tall and proud now, Like the young Stud I married ;-). We also know how to workout properly on our own now. I would highly recommend anyone interested in becoming fit to train with Troy. Troy, Please remember our open house on November 1 2008. We would love to see you.

Leesa Strimbicki Art Director, Urban Art Management & Manfred Forrest Photographer, Forrest Photo White Rock, BCWhite Rock

Victor Mier’s review of Tsquared Personal Training

“Good choice be training by Tsquared Personal Training”

I started my training with Troy Tyrell ( Tsquared Personal Victor MierTraining ) a couple months ago and is amazing how my body has changed in a better way, personally I’m looking for myself a better shape and Troy understood 100% what I want and he has been helping me to achieve my goals. In the training sessions he always make them funny and something new to do and learn, working out all the parts of the body plus taking care of the cardio routine. In that way he helps you to improve your health, resistance and move you to the next level. So far has been a good choice to be trained by Troy. 

Victor MierVancouver

Chloe O’Loughlin’s review of Tsquared Personal Training

“I have lost a ton of weight and have gone from a size 14 to a size 6. I feel slim and that I can maintain this weight easily.”

I am 59 years old and Troy Tyrell has been my personal trainer for exactly one year. His training has been fabulous. I began personal training because I was really depressed and overweight in Vancouver. I realized that if I did not have a strict routine I would not have the drive to exercise regularly.

I chose Troy because he is mega supportive and super encouraging. His instructions are clear and precise, so I completely understand the exercise and how to do it correctly. Each session has been fun, always different, and never too hard?and the result has been fantastic.

Over the past year I have lost a ton of weight and have gone from a size 14 to a size 6. I feel slim and that I can maintain this weight easily. I now can wear beautiful lingerie and nice clothes because I feel sexy and confident about my body. I feel healthy, strong, and pretty invulnerable ? that I?m not going to injure myself if I sneeze or turn suddenly. I can do push ups and a hundred sit-ups, (last September 2009 I could not do even one of either.) My bow legs are now straight, strong and beautiful. And most importantly, after each workout, I am so happy that I feel like skipping joyfully down the street.

Thank you Troy, for transforming my body to Lean and Sexy and helping me regain my self-confidence.

Chloe O’LoughlinExecutive Director Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society – BC Chapter

“The fun of being killed twice a week.”

The fun of being killed twice a week. I’ve always been very active, mostly with running and core training at home. However, when I decided to strengthen my overall body at bit better, I realized I would benefit from someone who could make sure I did it properly. Troy has been awesome with making sure my strength training is balanced and I actually enjoy his brutal no-mercy approach to it. He seems to enjoy pushing me to the limits too so it’s win-win. Great fun and lots of laughs every time! :) I’d recommend Troy Tyrell as a personal trainer to everyone!

Mikkel GroeslandFilm Producer Vancouver / UK

Jim Graham’s review of Tsquared Personal Training

Bottom line if you’re willing to work hard and want results I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Tsquared Vancouver Personal Trainers.

I’ve been working out with Troy a Vancouver Personal Trainer for 8 weeks now. I had made the decision to hire a personal trainer, to get back in to shape, drop a few pounds, shed some body fat, and firm up around the middle. Since I started Personal training with Troy and the gravity training System I have dropped over 12 Pounds slimmed down considerably dropping my body fat percentage from 26 to 18 Percent. Each workout challenging fun and fresh I have never done the same workout twice in a row. I look better I feel better im definitely stronger and even my flexibility has improved troy’s easy to work with and always keeps me motivated the bottom line if you’re willing to work hard and want results I wouldn’t hesitate to hire troy again.

Jim Graham

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