3 secrets to using gravity based training for a beginner core workout

3 secrets to using gravity based training for a beginner core workout.

Secret #1: Strengthening Your Core Is the First Step


Your core is the single most important muscle group in your body that can always use a little strengthening. A beginner core workout allows you to increase your strength and will help stabilize this muscle group as well as other muscles in your core. Beginning a routine that you can do to build up your core in steps. If you want a strong core, consider a personal trainer. Just as a weightlifter, mountain climber, Athletes of all sport modalities depend on their core being strong and stable to be able to lift heavy weights, or move in twisting awkward motions, you depend on your core to help you through everyday life. Think about how many times you twist and turn or pick up something heavy every day or just every hour.


A personal trainer will help you with your fitness goals by knowing your personal needs. Your trainer should be teaching you your fitness program and holding you accountable for doing the set routine. They should also be providing motivation and feedback for those exercises that you absolutely hate to do but make you stronger. You know that afterward, you will love how they make you look and feel, so suck it up buttercup. The fitness equipment required can be simple and very effective. Your personal trainer will know what exercises to give you what you have access to at home or your gym. The exercises in your session should be, typically an hour 2-3 times per week with exercises you can perform with perfect form. I give my clients the full hr workout and I use my gravity training system to kick up the intensity and results.

Your muscles start learning to work together


The secret to a great core workout is getting all of your core muscles working in sync with each other. There is an abundance of compound core exercises like lunges, ball planks, bicycle crunches, pushups and many more to help build up your muscles to accomplish having a stronger fit body.


Your core muscle groups are more than your abdominal muscles. Your lower back, buttocks, glutes, pelvic floor area, and top sides of thighs are also considered part of your core and affect your strength and balance. Having a strong core can benefit you by performing everyday functions like, putting things in the car, or playing with the kids, grandkids or Mountain Biking the North Shore more easily with better balance and strength with less risk of injuries.


How Can Strengthening Your Core Muscles Improve life?

  • Good posture, with a strong core you will stand taller
  • Back injury and back pain will be less or gone, your core will hold together 
  • Stronger range of motion, you will move better
  • Awesome Balance, you’ll be able to catch yourself easier if you lose balance
  • Strength in your arms and legs, you’ll have people commenting on your toned arms
  • improving physical appearance which includes your butt, abs, and arms, 
  • Happier Better mental outlook, having a strong core just feels better

When are you too old to stop worrying about your core?


The answer is that you are never too old It gets to be much more important as you age that you get physical weight-bearing workouts. With a strong core, you’ll be more agile and be able to do things like you did when 30. You can maintain a better balance and prevent falls and injuries. Your core will allow you to age smarter by being able to bend, twist and pick up items easier.


Maintaining a strong core does take some strenuous exercise and attention. The core tends to be the area that gets weak first and we tend to relax. There is a great selection of senior exercises that will allow them to sit in a chair to build up their core. A senior citizen can improve their 35 core muscles and improve movement, balance, and stability. Their posture and balance will be better, therefore, reducing the risk of falling and injuries.


A Beginner Core Workout For Anyone


Knowing and performing the right workout for improving your core strength is extremely important. Hiring a personal trainer who will help you determine what you can perform safely within your abilities. They should make it so you won’t be overwhelmed and you will be more motivated to stick with the exercise program and see results from your hard efforts. Nothing is worse than not being able to move the next day because you went too hard or you went through too great of a range of motion and hurt yourself. Building up your core strength with a pleasurable but effective core workout is the perfect way to exercise.


Secret #2: Make sure you and your trainer are a fit

gravity based workout pushup


Not all certified personal trainers are not created equal, experience and qualifications are one of the things you want to be looking for. Also how that trainer works with clients, take a step back and watch them with others if they are correcting the client's form and giving feedback during the workout or just talking about their weekend, playing with hair, showing pictures. A personal trainer is someone you respect and get along with, however, we are not your friend or buddy during your workout, when my clients are calling me names or cursing me that’s when I know they are getting a good workout. 

Some trainers specialize in different types of exercises


Most personal trainers will have specific knowledge of one on one training, injury prevention, High-intensity workouts. When you’re investing time and money hiring a trainer to help build up your core, ask questions. This is especially true if you’re recovering from an injury and you should tell the trainer if you do have any pain. A qualified trainer will be able to help you achieve your goal of having a stronger core and help you with injury prevention. 


With a personal training session, you should have the trainer’s complete attention, if you don’t get a new one. Your personal training consultation evaluation will allow the trainer to zone in where you can improve and give you exercises to help reach your goals. Your professional trainer should never put you down, but they should be honest and positive about how your progress is. They will encourage you to your goals and chart your progress as you accomplish each one. With the right support and encouragement, you will step out of your comfort zone and begin building a better core, which means a better looking stronger you.


A personal trainer will offer you specialized training techniques that they have been learning and practicing their skill with hundreds of others before you. They will know what works and how to achieve it, just trust the process. Building the program that works for you is what makes their job pleasurable and rewarding. You should also choose a trainer that fits your personality, humor, so don’t be afraid to look and try around before just going with one unless it just feels right.

Your Core is The Foundation of Your Body Movement


The main function of the abdominals to take care of three functions: rotation, extension, and lateral flexion. Training your core effectively means a slow but steady strengthening routine. Using all the muscles of the core working together this can be done using compound exercises. These are exercises that require multi-joint movements like lunges or full-body isometric holds in a plank. There are no shortcuts to a stronger and more healthy body, its a lot of work and it will be worth it.


With a beginner core workout, you start with comfortable movements and with repetitions to not only learn the exercise but build up strength. Soon your core will be stronger, and you’ll continue to add more movements to the routine.


Secret #3: Use an actual gravity trainer


There are 3 kinds of gravity training.


  1. Just using actual gravity. 
  2. Using an EFI - sports medicine gravity training system
  3. Using a home-based total gym gravity trainer 


Just plain gravity based training is hard and effective. But if you want to turn it up a notch or three - invest in a total gym gravity trainer. There are two kinds of these - the commercial-grade type and the normal home type. Both are effective but the commercial-grade one typically comes with more options and is sturdier. If you’re looking for either of these - you can find some links above.


The core exercises you can do with this fantastic fitness equipment expose weird muscle groups you typically don’t get to strengthen anywhere else. 


There is never a "good time" to exercise. Make the commitment and go with it.