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    Benefits of Full Bodyweight Exercises

    In this post, we’ll talk about the benefits of full bodyweight exercises.

    When most people think about working out, mental images of barbells, dumbbells, and complicated weight machines come to mind. Crowded gyms with muscle heads showing off posing and making big scenes, princesses posing in the mirror looking at how good she looks, locker rooms, and rigorous training session schedules also enter the picture. As a result, it can be a little overwhelming for a beginner to exercise.

    This has to do mostly with how people understand full-body conditioning. At the most basic fitness level, conditioning happens when any muscle is activated in an appropriate way to get the most benefit out of it. This doesn’t necessarily mean positioning yourself under a barbell to perform a “monster squat.” Instead, exercises that activate muscles using only the weight of your body are very effective.

    All you need is your body weight!

    Your body’s weight is enough to produce incredible metabolic and muscular strength changes in your body composition. Of course, there are a few High-intensity exercises that would be recommended to be involved. Imagine a Female who weighs approximately 50 kg or 110 lbs performing 20 jumping jacks. Now, imagine a male who weighs 100 kg or 220 lbs climbing a long flight of stairs as I do with many of my training. They are both taxing their muscles adequately to increase their fitness abilities.

    Though the male uses more energy overall, he is conditioning his muscles in a similar proportion with the woman. They are both using their body weight to activate muscles to train and strengthen muscles. These exercises are also having internal fitness benefits with cardiac and respiratory benefits. So, it is easy to see how exercises that use only body weight are compelling for people of any fitness level or ability. Incorporating full bodyweight exercises into an exercise program presents nearly limitless ways to make your muscles get stronger, and your fitness level improves.

    What are the main benefits of performing full bodyweight exercises?

    Mimic normal daily activities

    Every motion that your body normally performs throughout the day can be transformed into a beneficial exercise. It only takes a little experimentation to find the correct form to use for an exercise so you can activate the body’s muscles in the right way to burn the most amount of calories in your workouts. In addition, every full range of body motion can transform into a type of exercise if you want to combine the multi-joint exercises that will advance your fitness level.

    The position of sitting can be turned into an exercise that targets the large muscles of the legs and core muscles. Pulling motions and contracting your core muscles lust as you would breathe out forcefully like a rocket can be turned into exercises that tax all muscles in the arms, shoulders, back, and core muscles. Virtually all normal full-body motions can become weighted exercises. If they are performed with enough repetitions to activate muscle fibers, you will notice a definite difference in your core strength and abilities.

    Do your bodyweight exercises anywhere.

    Exercises that only require bodyweight exercises to perform will need only a small amount of space. The main factor in these types of exercises is gravity. If you can find ways to make your weight challenge a muscle group against gravity, the result will be awesome. You will feel more energy and strength.

    Don’t have any fitness equipment?

    Many people avoid formal exercise programs because they require various gym equipment or going to a gym near you. This fitness equipment includes static-free weights and sophisticated fitness machines. All of these types of equipment are effective for a good workout, but exercise using only the body’s weight can be just as effective.

    Very safe in your fitness program

    Overloads during a workout are the main way to improve strength, but incorrectly using the wrong form or technique could be one of the main reasons people get hurt while exercising at home. When you engage in physical exercise that includes only your body weight, your body will easily learn how many exercises and the load it can handle. If you can not hold perfect form, you could suffer severe injury from exercises using only your body weight. So it’s best to work on your form during a workout rather than going all out cause you saw someone doing it at the gym.

    Here are a few examples of wonderful exercises that only use the weight of your body. Perform them at the tempo of your choice, but concentrate on proper form.

    Beginner/Senior Exercises

    Chair Squat

    1. Sit on a chair that brings your knees to a ninety-degree angle.
    2. With your arms stretched straight forward, stand.
    3. Keep your arms outward, and sit again while ensuring that your back is straight and your chest up.
    4. Repeat 30 times as you keep the force of the motion on your heels.

    * Controlled standing in a strict form will condition the flexibility and strength of your leg muscles.

    Intermediate Exercises

    Classic Push Up

    1. Kneel on the floor in a face-down position.
    2. With your hands slightly wider than your shoulders and arms at an outward position, and your palms on the floor, lower your body using your arms and chest to lower your body slowly. Do this while keeping your shoulders directly over your hands. If it’s too easy, move your hands away from your knees. You can also go all out and lift your knees off the ground.
    3. During the motion, keep your core tight and back straight. To feel this form, try putting a broomstick on your back, having your back of the head, middle of shoulders, and bum on the stick. If anyone of these areas doesn’t touch, you need to straighten up. Your body should always be parallel to the floor, and your nose, chest stomach should all touch at the same time.

    * This simple press will tax all muscles in your core, lower body, and upper body.

    Advanced Exercises


    1. From the standing position, squat down to a full squat where your hands touch the floor.  Do this while keeping your chest up.
    2. From the squat position, jump your legs back until your body is in a full plank.
    3. Do a pushup going all the way down and up, keeping your shoulders over your hands.
    4. Recoil your legs jumping in, stand, and spring upward.
    5. Finish the exercise with a slight hop, and drop back down into the next repetition.

    * The Burpee is a fluid and continuous combination of the squat and the push-up in a ballistic motion.


    1. Standing facing a mirror, take a step out with whatever leg you wish. Make sure it’s a big step out at least 2x’s what you would regularly step out.
    2. Go down into a lunge or split squat, keeping your front shin approximately 90 degrees to the ground. Lower your back knee just above the ground and return to a standing position.
    3. If you want to add more intensity, throw in some arm movements. For example, you can use rubberized hex dumbells and add in shoulder raises or bicep curls and shoulder presses.

    The best time to get started

    The best time to get started was yesterday, but the second-best time is now! So start using these exercises to advance your fitness levels and abilities. And all you need is your body weight to get started. So start now and reap the benefits of full bodyweight exercises. Book and schedule your workout here.