Efficient Workouts

    How long should a workout be?

    I once had a personal trainer tell me we’d start workouts at 20 minutes and eventually work our way up to 45 minutes. Once we hit the 45-minute mark, we could shoot for an hour. And once I got to an hour, I could shoot for two or three. While building up from 20 mins to an hour is recommended for a beginner’s workout.  Health Canada recommends 30 minutes daily. A high-intensity 45-75 min workout 2-3times a week is most effective to get clients the goals they want which are getting stronger, losing some weight, and having more energy to live life with better mobility and abilities. 

    Who wants to work out for that long?!

    We all have better things to do than keep running on a wheel like a hamster.

    This is why busy professionals need to get more dialed into a more efficient and effective workout. I get it – you’d rather be working on your business, spending time with your family, or changing the world. That’s why we provide the best fitness classes in Vancouver to provide an effective, efficient workout that you will see a difference in 5 short workouts, all of our exercise classes are 60 mins, and you don’t stop for that full hour. There’s a proven link between mind and body and exercise. So we’ve got to work out. 

    Even Richard Branson said 

    “The only reason I’m able to do all the things I do and to keep on top of a busy schedule without getting too stressed is because I stay fit,”

    Source: https://www.virgin.com/importance-being-healthy

    So How long should a workout REALLY be?

    To get your heart pumping and give yourself enough time to get the blood flowing – it is recommended that you should get at least 30 minutes every day of physical exercise with an elevated heart rate that means it should be difficult to talk if your putting in the right effort. Also, here’s another kicker – what are you putting into that 30 minutes? Some exercises focus on isolating single muscle groups – which is good. However, it also burns fewer calories takes longer to work out groups of muscles. What if there was a way to work out multiple muscle groups of your body at once to optimize your calorie burn during and after the workout?

    Here’s what Health Canada says about physical exercise https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/publications/healthy-living/physical-activity-tips-adults-18-64-years.html

    Work out multiple muscle groups at once.

    The key to getting a good ROI on your workout is to do multiple muscle groups all at the same time. Instead of just “workout out your biceps” by doing a standing bicep curl or preacher curl machine, using a Total gym gravity trainer allows you to utilize more muscle groups like back, shoulders, core, thighs, AND your biceps at the same time. (Mainly because if you’re not engaging your core, controlling your speed and balance while on one of these machines – you’re bound to fall off). Many of our personal training clients say that the gravity trainer keeps them honest and cannot cheat or have bad form.

    Doing something like this

    You can see by the position on the gravity trainer that you’re working out your arms – also, at the same time, your working shoulders, back, and core. Engaged is what’s keeping you on the board while it moves. This dynamic pairing of motions not only increases the muscle toning and growth in your arms (you get all sorts of weird angles covered with the pulley system), it is also keeping you mindful of your core and makes sure you pay attention to everything else around you as well. 

    Just “more.”

    Exercising in this manner – engaging multiple muscle groups at once gives your time spent working out a real push. Instead of doing 6 or 7 different exercises – you do 1 – and it hits everything. Now imagine doing this across your ENTIRE 30-60 minute session. Working muscles in this manner will shock your body and make you stronger in all your activities. 

    No more mindless hamster wheel running for you.

    Get more out of your workout.

    Come in and check out TSquared Personal Training and see what our high-intensity maximum resistance group workout hitting multiple muscle groups will do for you. It’ll change your body in record time – and still give you enough time to enjoy life, hang with your loved ones, and change the world.

    Wanna give it a shot?

    Come on in for a free trial. We promise you that it’ll be an eye-opening and efficient workout.

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