Here's how to choose the best personal trainer in Vancouver BC.

    How to Choose the Best Personal Trainer in Vancouver BC

    Canada ranks among the world’s more overweight countries. One of the most common causes is activity inequity and excuses. However, other than body fat or weight, there are many reasons to work with a personal fitness trainer. For example, are you working on achieving a goal like running a marathon, powerlifting squat, bench, or lifting your one-rep max? Or are you looking to improve your functional activity, make activities of daily living more manageable, allowing you to age gracefully? Regardless of your goals, our personal trainers can help you achieve them. The key is to hire the best personal trainer in Vancouver BC. Read on to learn how.

    5 Ways to Know You Found the Best Personal Trainer in Vancouver BC

    So you have decided to hire a personal trainer to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Congrats on taking this important step for your health and lifestyle. Below is a list of 5 ways to ensure you have found the right one.

    If you’re not sure where to start – the qualifications of those teaching fitness classes are similar to those who are personal trainers. Graduates of INFOFIT Educators and folks who have completed the BCRPA Personal Training Program are great candidates as qualified personal trainers.

    Working with a personal trainer is a significant commitment of time and money. Therefore, you should ensure the one you choose is the right one for you.

    Qualified, Certified, and Knowledgeable

    Most trainers are in shape, but it takes more than being in shape to help others improve their fitness. The best personal trainers are qualified, certified, and knowledgeable. However, some are not in their best fitness regardless of being very fit. Read on to learn how to assess their skills and choose the best personal trainer near me.


    A significant base of knowledge is needed to be a qualified personal trainer. Ask your trainer about their education, certifications, experience, and specialty areas. For example, trainers that work with cancer patients gain additional training to understand how cancer treatments are affected by exercise. If you seek support with a specific medical issue, ensure the trainer is qualified in that area. Most trainers know other trainers. The best personal trainers are upfront if they cannot help you achieve your goals.


    In Canada, no national laws govern personal trainers. As a result, the industry is regulated by provincial codes and certifying organizations. In Canada, there are four primary certifying bodies for the Fitness Industry:

    • Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology (CSEP),
    • BCRPA or provincially recognized regulating body
    • Canadian Fitness Education Services (CFES),
    • Canadian Fitness Professionals (CanFit Pro), and
    • Certified Personal Trainers Network (CPTN).

    Be sure your trainer is certified by one of these organizations as our personal trainers are.


    The fitness industry is ever-changing, and the best personal trainers keep up with the fitness trends. They attend national and local fitness seminars and take continuing education classes to maintain their certifications.

    If you have a question about a new fitness trend, ask your trainer. They should know the answer or answer your question in the next training session. Can’t they answer or say that they will ask their fitness training mentors? That might indicate that you should choose a different trainer.

    They Help You Set Realistic, Achievable Fitness Goals

    You sought out a personal trainer for a reason. First, they should help you set realistic and achievable fitness goals. Then develop a program to help you achieve them. If a trainer sets your goals and doesn’t align with yours, you will become frustrated, and ultimately, you won’t be successful.

    Is your goal to tone up, but the trainer pushes you to train for a marathon? Unfortunately, this trainer is not a good fit. The job of a trainer is to help you achieve your goals.

    Now there is a caveat, a trainers’ job is to push you beyond what you are capable of doing. So if your goal is to tone up and give you a different strength training program, try it. You might like it. In cases like these, the trainer is doing their job and is pushing you to be the best you can be.


    The best trainers listen to your feedback and modify your fitness plan accordingly. So, it would be best if you had an open and honest conversation with your personal trainer. The best trainers do this without your even noticing. Poor trainers will dismiss your comments, say things like “just push through the pain.” Or they distract you with a frivolous conversation about their last party, vacation, or hair, and nails.

    Suppose an exercise is challenging, or worse, painful. Tell your trainer. Maybe you are not ready for the difficulty of that move yet. Or maybe the trainer has identified an underlying muscle imbalance that is causing you pain. If they call you a “baby” because you complain of an injury or issue and tell you to push through it, FIRE THEM!!!

    You See Results

    This goes without saying. You are paying 65 to 150 dollars plus to support your fitness goals to achieve your specific goal. If you are not reaching that goal, you need to understand why.

    In some cases, the trainer does not have you on the right training plan or your best interests in mind. In other cases, you should be honest about how closely you are following your personal trainers’ advice.

    Also, in weight loss and body transformation, an example of what you eat plays a significant role in success. If you have not modified your diet and continue to eat fast food or candy, that may cause slow results, not your trainers’ plan.

    Have a conversation with your trainer. Together you can identify barriers to your success and overcome them.

    The best trainers are confident in their abilities. They offer free first sessions and or guarantees. Great personal trainers will also have satisfied clients, speak of them highly, refer friends to them, or write reviews. Former clients will give you the real story of their experience with this trainer. Are you ready to have more Energy, Strength, Endurance, and Lose weight?

    The best personal trainer in Vancouver BC is sure of their ability to help you exceed your fitness goals. Contact us to set up your first appointment, and be sure to ask us about our 5 Session Fitness Guarantee. Regardless of your fitness level, our private or group training programs can help you achieve your fitness goals.