How to Get Back on Track to Healthy Living - Beginner Workout Female

    How to Get Back on Track to Healthy Living – Beginner Workout Female

    We’ll talk about getting back on track to healthy living and beginner workout female in this post.

    How to get back on the fitness horse!

    We’ve all been there in some way. We’ve fallen off our health-driven lifestyle to any number of events. It could be the holidays, a new job, a new lover, pregnancy, or even an injury. Whatever it is, it’s important to get back on track with beginner workouts for females and a fitness plan focused on woman’s goals. This is a general overview of this topic but will still apply, depending on your situation.

    The very first thing to do is “lights camera action!” Make a conscious effort to kick things into gear and get the ball rolling. The best time to start is right now—no need to set a date. Your time to start has already begun. So, get in there, and get to work on your fitness level. If your next meal is coming up, start there. When you’re offered a drink, take water; hopefully, you are staying away from alcohol before 6 pm. If you get an opportunity to walk or ride your bike for your commute in Vancouver, take it and enjoy the process. Whether the holiday season is just starting or you’re coming back from an injury, start now. Start now with these beginner workout female.

    Disciplined exercise for women

    Consider your first “workout” like training and disciplining your muscles again. You’ve gotten back on the fitness wagon again and getting rid of being accustomed to your old lifestyle. Perhaps you’ve forgotten how much fun and exhilarating a healthy lifestyle can be or never got to know how good things could be. Any time you get an opportunity to flex your discipline and muscles, do it! This will greatly help you down the road with exercises and a proper nutritional diet program.

    Take the time to find out what situations are holding you back. Identify them, and acknowledge them to break through them. Even if this means dragging yourself to the gym, wait once discipline kicks in. It will get much easier, but it will get harder, especially if you hire a personal trainer.

    Say no to sodas and opt for water instead. And if coworkers invite you out for a glass of wine, remember to eat a healthy lunch to help keep you on track. Discipline is the foundation when building your skyscraper of healthy living!

    Start walking regularly

    Suppose you have a job where you aren’t active, then walking and fitness are extremely important. There are so many health benefits from walking, especially for someone just coming back to fitness training. First, walking and fitness can be very meditative for some people. Second, it’s a good time to reflect on goals and how you are reaching them throughout the day. Or, if you walk in the mornings, think about how you will execute your plan.

    Walking is an extremely low-impact workout and can be easily adjusted for any age or fitness level. Start with just 10 minutes of walking per day and begin seeing benefits if you are a beginner or someone who is overly obese. Ideally, if you choose to walk outside and get the bonus of vitamin D, the environmental or personal benefit will help you greatly. But since we live in Vancouver and the weather can change fast, try walking on a treadmill. You can expect great benefits such as pain relief, better circulation, enhanced mood, and improved heart health, to name a few.

    Flexibility workouts for women

    I know this is all very mundane and boring stuff. Just remember that you have been away from fitness for a while. And rushing headfirst can result in an injury from an underlying condition that can prolong your recovery and progress. Getting flexibility and mobility will reduce the risk of injury once you start exercising at your past level or higher. A beginner workout for a female should include about 10-15 different stretches targeting each muscle group for at least on time. Perform one round, holding each stretch for 20 seconds up to 1 minute. Stretching will also help improve blood flow and circulation while greatly improving mobility and strength. Stretching will also allow your body to adjust to the demands of your exercise program properly. Finally, it will strengthen your muscles so that you are unstoppable.

    Bodyweight exercises for women

    Before you use free weights or do advanced exercises, it’s a good idea to start with bodyweight exercises, modified or not. These exercises are proven to be very effective for all fitness levels. And they are also a staple in almost every type of fitness program to strengthen your body. Bodyweight exercises can be done as a warm-up or the entire workout, and your cool down to optimize your results.

    Depending on your comfort level, shoot for a reasonable number of reps. This will be different for everyone, but a good rule of thumb is about 60% of your usual rep count. These exercises can be done with step-ups, squats, lunges, push-ups, pull-ups, reverse rows, chin-ups, and so many more!

    Free weight exercises for women

    Free weights and advanced workouts for women are where things start getting real. By this time, you will have fully adjusted to the workouts you have been doing, so now it’s time to step it up. At this stage, things should be focused on your form and technique during your workout. Keeping correct posture throughout the entire movement is essential. No back rounding or twisting unless the movement requires an ax chop.

    Focus on the big full body compound movements such as standing overhead press, deadlifts, squats, lunges, and bench presses. It would help if you were fairly mobile from a stretching program by a physiotherapist. So hitting proper depth and range of motion shouldn’t be a huge issue. You’ll still need some help working out. So getting a personal trainer to assist you at this stage can be very helpful to your fitness program.

    In my opinion, free weights are where you get to have the most fun in adding to your exercise program. So once you get comfortable with your fitness again, start with being creative in your exercises. There’s a limitless number of combinations when you add up dumbbells, barbells, exercise bands, and kettlebells. Not to mention all other types of specialty fitness equipment to keep things challenging!

    Get Back on Track to Healthy Living – Beginner Workout Female

    Remember your stay away from your fitness program or the gym is temporary. If it’s any situation, these exercise suggestions can get you back on track with your fitness.

    Begin with starting immediately but slowly. After all, there’s no time like the present. Then, start to light the flames of discipline (not the Calgary Flames, they suck) with one victory at a time. Discipline is the glue of holding all your fitness goals together. Walk at least 10 minutes a day and use that time to reflect. An additional 10-15 minutes of stretching to free up the tight muscles and prepare for strenuous activity.

    Get back into exercise with bodyweight exercises to re-adjust to movement patterns. Finally, you’re back to free weights in your fitness program! Keep doing all these exercises while focusing on correct posture with free weights or bodyweight exercises. Week by week, slowly increase the load you can handle.

    Congrats, you’re going to be back to your healthy lifestyle right where you left off with beginner workout female!

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