Losing weight with weight training vs. Cardio

Losing weight with weight training vs. Cardio


Have you ever attempted to change your diet or start an exercise program to lose weight? Everyone who has started this journey has faced many challenges, but the benefits from losing weight and transforming your body with a personal training program are life-changing. You can track your gains and losses with something as simple as a piece of paper or using a fitness counter app.


Simple Weight Loss tracking chart

Timing and Order 


Order is everything. Getting strength training into your workout first will help you burn calories faster than just pure cardio. So start with a light bit of cardio to warm up, then move on to strength and save the bulk of your cardio until the end.


You should ask yourself “is this the type of weight loss personal training I should be doing at your fitness level so you can reach your fitness goals? Look at it this way strength training will help you build muscles to burn the fuel more fat, giving you a bigger engine to burn off calories whether you're doing cardio or strength training workouts. The timing of doing your cardio will also assist you in your weight loss goals. Doing more cardio before is very beneficial but make sure to leave energy for your workout. 


Burn calories even when you’re not working out


Doing cardio post-workout will help increase your EPOC (Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption) which means you will burn more calories long after your workout at the same rate as if you were still working out. Consistency is the key. Pick something you enjoy and do it 2 or 3 times per week. Your workout should make it difficult to talk, so if you’re able to have a conversation with your trainer or other participants you are not working hard enough, Or you have the wrong personal trainer for your weight loss goals. You’ll be transforming your body by having more lean muscle mass than fat. Getting stronger, feeling better, less lethargic and have more energy to live your life. 


Celebrate the small wins


Make sure you start slow and work on small improvements, even if it’s one small improvement you’re still improving. You will see the accumulated gains much further down the road, so be patient. 


Don't focus on losing 20 lbs or weight loss by itself. Many people start out a fitness program looking at the scales but they don’t take into account muscle weight. When they don't see changes in the scale, they quit even though they have been getting and possibly seeing the benefits.


Getting started doesn’t have to be difficult.


You don’t have to start going “all-out” with your weight loss goals. Just simply going out for a good brisk walk will help you lose weight. If you want to hire a personal trainer to help you with your weight loss journey there are many different types of trainers who specialize in weight loss personal training. 


Weight loss using gravity.


With the gravity training system, the incline you use either adds or subtracts weight based on your fitness level. Just getting back into workouts and you’re a little rusty? You can start at a lower resistance level. Recovering from an accident? Again, you can start at the beginning. Accomplished athlete and looking for the next challenge? We’ve got that as well. The beauty of the machines is that they’re set up to give you a good workout at any ability level, and can grow with your ability. 


Trust me - when you’re working on a gravity trainer for the first time - you’re going to find out about muscles you didn’t know you have, while doing exercises that you “thought” you knew how to do effectively. 


GTS Resistance Charts



Gaining traction and momentum to weight loss


The more weight you want to or have to lose initially, the easier it will be to start losing. 


Especially if you’re a guy you will see that weight just fall off, sorry girls it’s just easier for us. When you hit a plateau where you don’t see the scales moving don’t fret. The body will resist dropping the weight as it wants to stay in homeostasis, keep plugging away you will start to see the scale move again in the right direction. Also remember this: muscle weighs more than fat so you could also be at a point where you are building muscle. Stay the course. Use the force. This is the way.


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