Six Pack Diet and Exercise

    Six-Pack Diet and Exercise


    You have probably watched ads that promise you’ll get six pack abs in 30, 60 or 90 days, don’t believe them! The truth is a six pack is not something you’ll get by buying some gimmicky exercise equipment and it won’t happen in a short time frame. Achieving six pack abs is something that takes time and lots I mean tons of dedication, depending on your starting weight, body fat percentage and fitness level it could be a year or more of you doing regular cardio and full body exercises. You will also need to carefully watch what you eat as well. Diet and exercise are both important, one is not more important than the other. You can have a Ferrari but if you don’t put the right type of fuel into it you will not get optimum performance from it. Diet and exercise go hand in hand, if you don’t give your body good quality fuel you will not achieve the results you want.



    Six pack abs are all the rage in Hollywood these days, both male and female actors are under intense pressure to have the perfect abs, the guys are often required to go shirtless so the pressure is intense. It’s hard work for them too, but they have the ability to hire personal trainers and chefs and work out many hours a week. For the average person, this is out of reach because of lifestyle, time and budget constraints. Our genetics play a role as well, some people are going to have an easier time while others may not ever be able to get the six pack they want as their bodies just aren’t built that way.



    There are plenty of companies out there that are preying upon us six pack seekers and they offer all sorts of products that promise to give us the six pack we desire without us having to do the work. The diet industry makes billions of dollars from people who want a quick fix and are willing to pay money for it rather than just do the work. There is no one piece of equipment in the world that can give you a six pack, just because they show a fit model using it doesn’t mean that is all they use. You can bet that all of those fitness models have a very well rounded diet and exercise program and that they work hours a day to look like that.



    Ok, you are willing to forgo the gimmicks and want to work for those abs, how can you achieve them? As you probably already know you will need to burn off the fat, your first aim should be to build muscle and do cardio. Some people believe that if they do hundreds of crunches every day they will get the awesome six pack they desire. The truth is you would end up with really strong abs but if they are still covered in flab you won’t see them. Muscle building is important as muscles burn more calories and muscles is very dense so it takes up less room than fat about half the size. You can weigh the same and lose inches and gaining muscle, combine that with lots of regular cardio and you will have a winning combination that will bring results.



    You need to watch what you eat, if you aren’t sure it may be a good idea to consult an experienced dietitian to help you set up an eating plan you can follow. Eliminate junk food and fast food as that will derail your progress quickly as will too much alcohol, smoking or other unhealthy habits.


    A healthy eating plan along with regular exercise consisting of full body muscle building and medium to high intensity cardio to help you burn calories and reduce your fat percentage will keep your working towards your goal. Working with a qualified personal trainer is a great way to be sure you get a well-rounded workout so all of your muscle groups get worked evenly so you prevent injuries. They can help you get on the right path and keep you motivated and challenged so you stay on target. Starting an exercise plan is easy, sticking with it can be hard but if you have a regular appointment with a trainer you will make the effort as they will hold you accountable.