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    Staying Motivated to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

    Staying motivated is tough, but you can do it!

    Goals fail when you don’t think the plan all the way through.

    When going through any fitness and weight loss program, you will at some point find it hard to stay motivated and on plan. Unfortunately, weight loss goals fail most of the time because you didn’t think the plan all the way through.

    Create a realistic plan and consider the different challenges or obstacles in advance.

    The trick is to create a realistic plan and stick with it. Think baby steps and mini-goals that keep you on track and moving forward by keeping you accountable with measured progress.

    The most crucial factor is to consider the different challenges or obstacles in advance. Most people who anticipate the hurdles can also come up with ways to overcome such challenges.

    Success tips for building momentum and staying motivated:

    Schedule your workouts and activities.

    Actually, put them in your calendar, and set the reminder. Start with 2 to 3 workouts a week, and add more activity as you go. For example, add a daily walk, run or ride, and aim for a daily sweat session to get your body moving every day.

    Find an activity you enjoy.

    It is easier to stick to something you enjoy doing.

    Get better at it.

    Track your progress, maybe enter a contest. For example, if you enjoy running, join a group, or run a race, better yet, do both.

    Challenge yourself.

    Once you’re better at it, challenge yourself, i.e., add weights, add a hill, go further, go faster.

    Set mini-goals.

    Starting with smaller goals breaks your goal down into easy to achieve doable steps. For example, giving you little milestones to celebrate on your journey will keep you motivated and help build momentum to the end goal.

    Reward yourself for meeting your mini-goals.

    People who reward themselves along the way will go a lot further with their health goals. Buy slimmer jeans, get a massage, take a staycation, or maybe plan a vacation once you reach your ultimate goal!

    Keep rewards healthy so you don’t ruin your hard-won victories. Celebrating your success motivates you to keep going even when it gets tricky because it gives you something to look forward to.

    Bring a friend.

    Sometimes it’s easier to stay accountable to ourselves when we recruit a friend. Also, having a partner can make things more enjoyable, and you can feed off each other’s energy.

    Keep a food journal or log.

    Keep a food journal/log, so you can see where there is room for improvement in your diet. Add more veggies and fruits, cut out processed and sugar-loaded food. Think whole natural foods. They are more satisfying and are full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals!


    Your body won’t run optimally, and you will feel hungry if you are not adequately hydrated.


    Your body needs proper rest to keep your hormones balanced.

    Schedule your initial consultation and fitness assessment with us now.

    As your TSquared Personal Trainer, I build a plan that suits your fitness level and needs. I will help you understand and overcome your potential obstacles and work with you. I will keep you motivated on your road to success as you ultimately reach your mini-goals to become your best self! Fitness instructors like the ones at T-Squared are here to create a plan and help you stick to it. At your initial consultation, your personal trainer will record your goals and take your baseline body composition. And then, your personal trainer will do the same after one month into your program and so on.

    Staying motivated is more straightforward with support and tools.

    Staying motivated comes naturally once you have the support and tools you need to succeed. Then as you grow stronger, adjust your challenges and set your goals higher. And don’t forget to reward yourself with something healthy (not junk food!). Create a new pattern of health and fitness in your life and schedule your Gravity Training session.