The Hidden Truth About Soda Pop

    In North America, we have seen substance abuse heighten over the years. Some people might agree with me when I say I think people abuse the drinking of soda pop. In fact in North America studies have shown the high obesity rate can link back to one’s diet. In most cases, people who are obese typically drink high volumes of soda pop.
    I recently have had quite a few successful case studies of people shedding a ton of weight in the first few weeks of starting their fitness program with me creating a healthy cycle. When I personally interviewed them their secret wasn’t a magic pill, a secret smoothie or exercise. It had to do with completely cutting out soda pop from their daily intake.
    Carbonated soft drinks or soda pop contain elements of phosphoric acid, aspartame, caffeine and high volumes of sugar. Research has linked soda to osteoporosis, obesity, tooth decay and heart disease. I wanted to highlight not only the dangers of drinking soda pop but how I have seen people meet success when they give up drinking soda pop.
    I recently had a personal training client who was border line pre-diabetic. In many cases he was forced to change his lifestyle because he had no other choice. He was experiencing symptoms including constant thirst and multiple trips to the washroom. The first thing I recommended was completely overhaul his dietary intake and increase the flow of water. This was very hard for my client as he thought he could substitute his soft drinks with diet drinks or juices. The challenge is most of these substitutes still contained a high volume of sugar and he needed to bring his blood sugar down to the regular levels. Within a few weeks of withdrawals and restless nights he had managed to go through an entire 3 weeks without any pop and he started to walk everyday.
    Within a month the craving for the sugar declined and he had lost 30 pounds. He started to look and feel healthier. He managed to control his blood sugar and is continuing on his path to a better and healthier lifestyle. The biggest hurdle he had to overcome was the first few weeks. His motivation was the fact that he had no other choice, his life was on the line! Sometimes we are driven to change only when we are forced to. Are you one of those people struggling today? If so I recommend you call me to share your challenges with me. I am here to help!