Welcome, Health and Fitness Seekers!

    T-Squared Vancouver personal training isn’t just about getting buff or losing weightit’s about improving peoples lives and empowering them in life and fitness and having Fitness for Life.

    But let’s face it, life is full of ups and downs. And when you’re down, sometimes you’d rather hit a box of pizza rather than the gym. You know I’m right. 🙂 I do it too.

    Well, take heart, because this blog is about living the healthiest way that we can. As often as we can. (Hey, nobody’s perfect!) Most people have their unhealthy habits 😉 I am no different I have a 300lbs fat kid inside me.

    Follow along: You’ll discover tips on reaching your fitness goals, see what kind of workouts we do, Hey come join us for a FREE small group personal training session. Post a comment: You might find a new workout partner. Until then…

    Stay tuned. Stay healthy. Stay T-Squared!