What Is Gravity Training Muscle Building Workouts Vancouver? Feature one of our clients.

    What Is Gravity Training Muscle Building Workouts Vancouver?

    Let gravity give you a lift for a change! Gravity Training is a dynamic, supercharged workout for every athlete. It is the muscle building workouts Vancouver.

    Not the Typical Gravity You Know

    Are you looking for outstanding strength and fitness abilities with that great body you desire? But are you skeptical about the kind of workout you should do to get you the results? Welcome to gravity training. We will describe how it works and its benefits to your overall fitness, health, and convenience.

    When you hear about gravity, most people think about that invisible force that keeps pulling you to earth or keeps planets in orbit. However, gravity is the force used in training by athletes and fitness enthusiasts in Vancouver BC, worldwide.

    What is Gravity Training?

    Gravity Training is a high-intensity and low-impact full-body workout that forces the participant to engage core muscles, performing the exercise correctly. If not, they will fall off and crash. This form of fitness training is very effective and has attracted many innovative personal trainers to its modality.

    Gravity training is a type of personal fitness training that uses gravity as part of the fitness training experience to ensure fitness improvements.

    A Gravity Training workout uses bodyweight with an incline to provide resistance to produce force. When one opposes gravity, it influences the contraction of muscles in both phases, the concentric and eccentric phases of the contractions. The force trying to pull down the body or body parts that are opposed to it and the instability of the glide board.

    Who Is It For?

    The use of gravity training exercises is highly recommended for any individual, no matter your ability level. Did you know that the total gym gravity trainer trains on Chuck Norris? It is a safe workout that will safely tone and lean those abs, arms and improve your body’s strength. In addition, it gives the participant balance and control over their body. This strength training uses the Total Gym Gravity Training Machine, weights, plyometric exercises, and Bosu balls. This is to give the much-needed resistance when performing the exercises.

    Through the guidance of a Vancouver BC personal trainer, your gravity training exercises will utilize your full body weight to resist gravity. Providing results, Gravity will strengthen and tone the muscles of your full body. You will have to engage all the muscles in your body to be able to perform the movement. You will get to discover some muscles that you thought never existed in your body. These Total gym exercises are suitable for everyone regardless of age, weight, sex, fitness, and experience levels. It is the muscle building workouts Vancouver.

    Few Gravity Training Exercises

    Are you wondering about a few Gravity Training Exercises? Start with the largest muscle groups, Hamstrings, Quadriceps, calves, and glutes.


    Starting with feet shoulder-width apart and bum at the lowest part of the glide board. And start squatting at a rate of about one every 1 – 2 seconds. You can dial it up after a warm-up to doing one-leg squats.

    Squat Jumps

    This is a type of plyometric exercise that will provide the lower body with endurance and strength. It will also improve the well-being and health of your heart. The main body parts directly affected by the squats and squat jumps are hamstrings, glutes, calves, quads. And you unconsciously tone the areas of your chest, abs, back, arms, and legs.

    It is recommended that you do 2 to 3 sets 15 to 20 times for effective squat jumps. Or I like to torture my clients with a full minute and sometimes two.

    Bridge with ball squeeze

    This excellent exercise involves holding and squeezing a ball between your legs. Do this while lying down on your back and raising your hips and lower back upwards. This is good exercise for the Glutes and hamstrings. It is recommended for athletes and cyclists of all levels and especially the public. These exercises affect the gluteus Maximus, medius, adductors, Abductors, erector spinae, rectus abdominis, and hamstrings.

    You can do 2 to 3 sets 15 to 20 times plus trying different legs same amount of repetitions for both legs.

    Bicep curl

    This movement is fantastic for the best angle to improve the tone in the bicep. It puts the participant in the preacher curl position. It is the best physical angle to train the bicep to achieve the best of both worlds lean, toned muscle.

    Tricep extension

    Using the gravity training system, you can engage core muscles performing the exercise. There are many ways to train your triceps. For example, you sit facing the glide board with your arms extended over your head by bending elbow and extending. You can also kneel facing up the glide board, bring your chest to your knees, arms at your side, and pressing extending straight back.

    Rear Deltoid Fly

    This works well on the muscles at the back of the shoulders. However, it affects the lateral deltoid, middle trapezius, posterior deltoid, lower trapezius, and rhomboids. You should cautiously do this exercise because it involves weights. When doing it, kneeling on the glide board facing the tower, keep good posture. Hold the handles in each hand, keeping your arms straight, raise your arms straight back. What is important to note is that your spine should be straight, and the head should not move. You can do this exercise in 2 to 3 sets of 12 repetitions.

    Alternating row

    This involves grabbing the pair of handles in one hand and kneeling on your knees while maintaining a tall torso. Then, while moving your torso, pull the handles with one arm and twisting your body slowly and controlled. Do this at least 10xs and then repeat with the other arm.

    Other types of fitness training include:

    ✓ Lifting of free weights such as dumbbells to give one much-needed strength.

    ✓ Use weight machines as they have adjustable seats with handles and attached to the weight to give one some resistance when exercising.

    ✓ Resistance bands. These are giant rubber bands used by gym enthusiasts to provide much-needed resistance when stretched. They are easy to carry around, and you can use them for different workouts.

    ✓ Use of a trx training system. This tool utilizes gravity, a training tool that uses gravity and the person’s body weight with an incline to perform various exercises.

    ✓ Your body weight can be a total tool for your exercise program, especially when squats and push-ups. This type of exercise can be performed generally anywhere because it does not need gym equipment. Adding the total gym multiplies the results.

    ✓ Oblique pullover crunch can be done using different machines and weights. On the total gym gravity trainer, there are many adaptations to this move.

    ✓ Lat raise. It involves standing with dumbbells raising to your side. If you’re using a total gym, lying on your back, head down, raising your arms, and pulling your body weight against gravity. This will strengthen the shoulders and upper back.

    ✓ The upright row involves kneeling and pulling your arms in like you’re pulling your love closer.

    ✓ Lunge standing at the bottom of the board, either foot on board sliding back lower your front thigh to 90degrees.

    You can access many more gravity training exercises in our blogs.

    Benefits of the Muscle Building Workouts Vancouver

    ✓ Enhanced stamina as a result of growing stronger.

    ✓ Greater posture.

    ✓ Reduced risk of getting an injury.

    ✓ It leads to an increase in muscle strength to make the body stronger and burning more fat.

    ✓ It enables you to manage your weight and increases your muscle to fat ratio. As a result of fat burning is maximized when exercising. Also, muscle enables the body to burn fat at rest, referred to as the EPOC effect. Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption.

    ✓ It gives the body the balance and flexibility to help you stay fit.

    ✓ Gravity training help to improve brain functioning in younger and older people improving concentration and focus.

    ✓ Gravity training is low-impact which is helpful for those with chronic conditions. It includes diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, back pain, depression, obesity, and others.

    ✓ It also enables the management of pain.

    ✓ It leads to improved quality sleep; thus, insomnia becomes a problem no more.

    ✓ It leads to an increase in self-esteem.

    ✓ Gravity training is resistance training that makes the bones strong, thus reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

    ✓ It makes one perform daily tasks better.

    ✓ It improves the overall well-being of the body.

    Gravity Training Principles

    ✓ It is essential to understand the kind of fitness program that will fit whatever you aim to achieve. This is because there are many exercises such as aerobics, flexibility, balance, and strength. Gravity training incorporates all these.

    ✓ Understanding your weight or the type of resistance exercise that you will require.

    ✓ Know the kind of exercise that will enable you to achieve your objectives.

    ✓ You should understand the number of times you should repeat any exercise in a set and how many sets you should do.

    ✓ It is essential to know when and how long to rest or not. Depending on the intensity of exercise, less rest means more results.

    ✓ It is essential to know when to switch your exercise routine to engage your muscle.

    ✓ Lastly, always give your body and muscles time to recover. It is recommended that 24 to 48 hours, depending on the weight and intensity of the exercise.

    This principle can be summarized as the FITT principle for Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type. So next time you are out opposing gravity, it is crucial to observe FITT.

    Achieve That Desired Fitness the Body Strength You Desire

    Gravity training is necessary for that low-impact workout to enable you to achieve that desired fitness the body strength you desire. It is the muscle building workouts Vancouver. Do you want to understand how you can utilize gravity to help you strengthen those muscles? Contact us.