Why Hire a Personal Trainer? Find out! Troy with his client.

    Why Hire a Personal Trainer? Find out!

    Why hire a personal trainer, and what is a personal trainer supposed to do? And why are they so expensive? This blog post answers all of these.

    Why Hire a Personal Trainer? We Advance Your Fitness.

    First off, as your personal trainer, we must pass on our knowledge, skills, and information to advance your fitness and health. We are not allowed to prescribe or trained to, but we can advise on Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, and Nutrition.

    We are not Chiropractors. However, we know who the good ones are, and you can ask us who we have to treat our issues.

    We also may have experience in post-rehab conditioning, but we are not Rehab Therapists. Instead, we work with your therapist and recommend a good one to get you the best treatment possible. Personal trainers will have a highly experienced team behind us.

    We are also not nutritionists, so we are not permitted to give you meal plans, diets, or supplements. However, we can recommend that you stop eating copious amounts of potato chips and fast foods.

    In addition, a nutritionist can help you tailor your nutrition program that will not conflict with anything you may have issues with. We can make recommendations on how to improve your nutrition plan but not give you one.

    We Are Your Personal Motivator.

    We, as personal trainers, are fitness experts with nutrition knowledge that we gain through our lifestyles. We teach you an exercise program to be in the proper form and technique to prevent injuries and correct postural imbalances.

    We are also your personal motivator. I love it when I see a client reach a goal or start showing and seeing some physical body changes. Or when they say they can’t do something for that long. And I tell them to do their best, and they do it. And, sometimes, they even surpass it when they don’t realize they can. I also love it when clients don’t realize how well they are doing, and they discover it and call me excitedly.

    My job, responsibility, and goal are to get you in the best shape of your life. And it is my personal goal to make every client feel like a million bucks. I am making you stronger, leaner, more confident to do the activities in life you desire.

    Correcting your posture and making minor adjustments to your body, not to do a workout with you. So how can I focus on you when I am working out with you? Plus, my personal trainer wants me ready for my butt-kicking when it’s my turn to focus on my fitness.

    I do have 1 rule we will not stand around having endless meaningless conversations. You will be working and working hard to the best of your abilities.

    What I Expect You to Do As My Personal Training Client.

    Get to your appointment on time. By that, I mean 10 -15 mins early, so you can warm up and get your body ready for the workout.

    FYI, I don’t want to have you arrive and start your warm-up standing with you on the treadmill or cardio equipment. Instead, put the best of your abilities into the exercises you are doing that workout.

    If you’re having a down day, I will bring you up. Do not push through an exercise that is hurting pain. Be honest with me.

    If you are doing your workouts or not, I can tell if you’re not doing them. I can tell, and it shows in your workouts.

    Be good with your nutrition. Don’t sabotage by having a big Slurpee, bag of chips, or other junk food because you “earned it. “

    Challenging Journey Ahead of You

    This will be a challenging journey for you, and you will be doing the work. I am your guide and personal fitness trainer who enjoys seeing you achieve your goals.

    Buddy Personal Trainer vs. Professional Personal Trainer

    Your personal trainer SHOULD make sure that you’re using the correct posture and making adjustments to your workout. Next, it is to get the client to the correct form.

    Too many times, I have watched personal trainers who are charging more than 70 per hr plus or 45 per 1/2 hr plus. And all while training the person in bad form. Every time I see a client training with a trainer, it kills me. And they are more concerned about the conversation than the client’s form.

    What are we being hired for? To be an over-priced rep counter and encourager? Or give the client a workout and correct the clients’ form?

    When you train with a personal trainer, yes, you have conversations. But if you’re talking while training with your fitness trainer. And you can talk through the whole workout. You don’t have a professional personal trainer. Instead, you have a buddy personal trainer with whom you’re paying 80+ per hr to chat.

    So whenever you ask why hire a personal trainer, remember all of these things.

    And when you are ready to experience all of these, book a session now! I can’t wait to be your best professional personal trainer.