Blenders, Juicers & Shakes, Oh My!

    Blenders, juicers and shakes oh my

    Smoothies and shakes can be a great source of nutrients and proteins to the body. In fact with natural and healthy ingredients one can mix and blend some refreshing and nourishing drinks for ones body. Fitness instructors recommend power shakes before a work out routine as it will supply the body the right amount of energy to burn.
    A blender can act as a great tool for the shoe string budget. By mixing fresh fruits, vegetables, powders or natural substitutes the body can replenish proper nourishments for one self. The key to such smoothies is to have natural sugars instead of artificial sugars. One can get creative and use energy drinks just before the gym. Blenders can make power smoothies very quickly especially if you are on the go.
    Juicers will focus on the natural and fresh ingredients a fruit or vegetable to offer. The natural pulp is removed and the juices extracted. Juicers can offers instant and proper nourishment to the body. Juicers and blenders can come in all sizes and shapes based on ones needs and budget.
    A fitness instructor will recommend a blender or juicer as an accessory to aiding ones weight loss or fitness goals. Do you have one on your shelf?