Group Fitness Classes Vancouver

Group Fitness Classes Vancouver

Ever felt out of place when you go to the gym because you can't catch-up with the others? If the answer is an absolute affirmative, then the solution is easy. First, you have to know that it's widespread and regular. You are not alone. To change that, you should enroll in a group fitness class. Group fitness is where people exercise as a small group. In a group fitness class, there is a personal trainer who will lead you. In Vancouver, many gyms or fitness centers are offering group fitness classes. They can either involve strength building or aerobics. Some of the classes include Zumba, cardio, cycling, strength training, gravity training, among others.

Benefits of Group Fitness Classes in Vancouver

There are many benefits that one can gain by joining a group fitness class. One can stay motivated and build resilience. It is not daily that you will wake up feeling like you want to work out. Some days you will feel burnt out others, you'll feel lazy while others don't feel the zeal. But when you enroll in a small group fitness class, you will feel the need to show up so that you are not left out, replaced, or even charged for something you didn't show up for. Also, you will feel the need to push yourself because you see other people dedicating their time and energy.

Group Fitness Classes Are Cheaper

Group fitness is way much cheaper as compared to individual personal training. This will save you some coins if you really put your energy into it. Most gyms even offer it for free or for a small fee that is included in your gym membership. Hiring a personal trainer is very expensive, but you get personal attention and you have limited time with them, which means you need to work hard to finish every session per day. On the other hand, group training is flexible because you only need to check when the gym has slotted it and join. Also, you won't take as much rest as you want as the session only lasts for less than an hour. To add to that, you will have the personal fitness trainer guide you on the complicated steps before, during or after the sessions.

More Fun, Bigger Support System

There is so much fun when one trains in a group fitness class. Even though it makes one push themselves harder, it also promotes healthy competition to either keep up or do better than your neighbor, and also you can quickly learn from them. There develops the spirit of togetherness and friendship, which helps one learn that they too can if the other person can do it. Also, it is a time for socializing. You can meet different people and create friendships.


In Vancouver, there are so many fitness groups dealing with various classes. They may also offer trial fitness classes which are entirely free and allows you to move from one class to another until you find which one fits you best. Other than cardio, they may offer social dances such as Zumba, Jazzercise, and Les Mills Body Jam which are very popular. They offer platforms for the competition where when you win, and you get rewarded. Group fitness classes are the best way to exercise and, again, more in one session.

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Group Fitness Classes Vancouver