Magnetic Towel

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Magnetic Towel

One thing that should never miss from any athlete’s gym bag is a magnetic towel. At Towel Tech, we know that people often take towels for granted and either ignore bringing one at the gym, or they bring it and forget to use it. We’re looking to change that.

Do you bring your own towel to the gym?

Ideally, yes, you should bring your own towel with you, regardless of whether the gym offers towel services or not. While some institutions offer towel services, they are clearly subpar, compared to what you can get on your own. The practicality of a sports towel should go beyond sweat absorption. Our product also offers protection against bacteria, inhibits unpleasant odors, dries faster thanks to the TENCEL fiber, and it offers increased practicality.

The magnet incorporated in one of the towel’s corners allows you to stick it to metal surfaces, including the gym equipment, so it won’t fall and gather dirt from the floor. At the same time, the design includes a zipper pocket, in case you need to have your keys, or your phone with you at all times. It is this practicality, combined with the rest of the features, that makes our towel the best you can get.

What is a sweat towel?

Compared to regular products, sweat towels are more effective at retaining water and odors, allowing you to have a more pleasant gym experience. Another critical feature is the anti-bacterial property, which is vital in protecting against fungal infections and bacterial transmissions. Our magnetic towel is unlike other products in the same category, thanks to the amazingly adaptable TENCEL fiber.

TENCEL is great at absorbing humidity fast, keeping you dry and comfortable for the entire duration of the training session. The fiber offers extra protection against any bacterial agents and fungal pathogens, as well as it eliminates the specific sweat odors in the process. It is nearly impossible to get all these advantages from your regular towels, which is why we recommend our evolved version as your must-have piece.

What is the best gym towel?

The best gym towel is the one that lives up to the harsh requirements of a gym environment. It should be effective against high humidity surfaces, offer comfort, practicality, and protection against fungal infections and bacteria. Crowded gyms offer the ideal setting for bacterial transmission, which is why the ideal towel should do more than just absorb sweat.

If you’re already packing your bags for an intense gym session, you should know the importance of protection in a place filled with crowded, sweaty individuals. Our magnetic towel will act as a barrier against potentially harmful pathogens while keeping you dry and at the top of your game. It dries fast, it’s comfortable, and it looks good on top of that.

At Towel Tech, we use innovation and excellence as two of the core principles of our philosophy. Our product embodies these principles perfectly, and you will see it with the first touch. Go online and order your towel today!