Group Gravity Training at T-Squared

    Group Gravity Training at T-Squared

    Group Gravity Training classes are a great way to get fit regardless of your current fitness level. It’s fast and offers overall fitness. Here’s how it works — and why it’s perfect for you!

    What makes our training outstanding?

    We integrate all aspects of these methods in each workout: strength, cardio, & stretching. This new fitness approach gives you a full-body workout each session with just one machine.

    The benefits increase from the expertise of a personal trainer. At T-Squared, our fitness instructors are certified and specialized in The Gravity Training System and other fitness methods (Pilates, yoga, weight training, etc.).

    Why is Group Gravity Training for you?

    Are you an athlete or a beginner? It doesn’t matter because The Gravity Training System is equally effective for any level.

    How does it work? Using gravity, the system leverages your body weight. Aside from that, we adjust it to the precise amount needed for your unique fitness level.

    Why our small classes are better than big chain gyms:

    • Maximum 4 people per class in a private room
    • Safe for all ages, experiences & fitness levels
    • Burns more calories per workout
    • See visible results faster by engaging more muscle groups per session
    • Pilates-based using body weight as resistance to gravity
    • Muscles are worked as they would be used in everyday life
    • Reduces risk of injury as it provides less strain on the trunk and spine
    • Builds and strengthens your core in virtually every exercise
    • Effective and adaptable to post-rehab training
    • Build both strength and endurance

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