Personal Training for Mountain Bikers

    Personal Training for Mountain Bikers

    If you’re looking for a mountain bike training program that is fun and exciting, T-Squared Personal Training has designed something especially for you. Want to improve your endurance & technical skills? Get personal training for mountain bikers at T-Squared Vancouver Personal Training.

    Our personal training program for mountain bikers incorporates strengthening movements to improve your power and get you in better shape than you ever imagined. My client, professional mountain biker Cole Carter, is a testament to that.

    Do you want to learn how to mountain bike or want to up your game as Cole did? Then, I will customize a program that’s perfect for you. Here’s how…

    What is the fitness personal training for mountain bikers?

    To become totally superb on the trails begins in the gym. This training program is specifically targeted to strengthen the cardio ability and core strength required for mountain biking.

    Through highly effective, high-intensity training techniques, I’ll get you in the kind of shape you’ve always dreamed of. You’ll eat up the most brutal downhill terrain and the most challenging XC trail.

    Learning how to stay loose and let the bike do the work is the hardest thing to learn. It is vital to trust that fine piece of technology beneath you to do its job and not over-controlling the bike. For some people, learning special awareness will help tons. My program is geared to teaching you all of this. You’ll learn where your body is in relation to your bike; you’ll synchronize your movements to avoid injury and gain confidence and technical skill. In short:

    You Will Become a Much Stronger Rider

    Let T-Squared Personal Fitness help you become a stronger rider. Join up for our riding clinic and get one-on-one training in our gym. Recover faster in a sauna, hot tub, and heated pool. And soon, you’ll be hitting that trail like a beast. What’s even better than our gym…?

    You Will Work Out on Real Trails

    We’re lucky to live in the best place in the world for mountain biking. Once you are ready, we can take you to those trails to challenge you in all different conditions. That’s the best way to test your skills and endurance. So when you do it on your own, you will be confident to take those corners faster,

    Techniques we’ll include are:

    • Freeriding
    • Downhill riding
    • X country skills
    • Riding the skinnies
    • Doing drops

    Or anything you need help with.

    The bottom line: You can build the skills you need to go bigger and better than ever.

    Ready to get started? Please email me. Let me know a little bit about your goals and level, and we’ll set up a meeting.

    I look forward to helping you become a stronger mountain biker.

    Troy Tyrell, certified personal trainer and owner of T-Squared: