Our trainers are certified in postural analysis to help you improve mobility, reduce pain, and get back in shape safely.

Maximize results and overcome plateaus with personal training options that challenge and motivate you every time.

Small groups of 5 or fewer ensure a fat-blasting, full-body workout in less time and the attention to detail you deserve.


Live Life With Strength and Energy


Unlike large group classes at typical gyms, our small group training is dedicated to a maximum of 5 clients. This guarantees you’ll get the attention you deserve so you can get fit faster. What’s more, our unique full-body workouts tone more muscle groups at once, meaning you get more workout in less time. And because our trainers customize movements to suit your fitness level, you’ll get the right amount of challenge to reach your goals.

So whether you’re recovering from an injury, training for a sport, or want to lose weight, you’ll never feel left behind or bored. The bonus? Our small classes provide a true fitness community, where you’ll meet accountability buddies to share your goals and triumphs. Let us help you get the body you’ve always wanted!



A common question I get is: “What will private fitness training give me that small classes don’t?”

So much more! With over 13 years as a certified trainer, and 20 years as an athlete, you can be sure I’ll:

  • Listen to your goals, guide your fitness journey, and chart your progress, every step of the way.
  • Build workouts that target your problem areas and switch things up so you’re never bored.
  • Give 100% undivided attention to your form, your strengths, weak spots, and yes, even your frame of mind.
  • Help you power past the fitness plateaus and low-points of your life, so you’ll reach higher levels of fitness, energy, and success.
  • Re-work your programme as often as necessary to push you to your peak performance level.

I will train your body to do the things you thought were impossible.



Does this sound familiar? Are you at a stand-still in your post-injury recovery? Do you need motivation or help with exercises to regain your fitness, mobility, or strength? Or perhaps, you’re a new mom whose tone and flexibility changed so much after pregnancy, you need to strengthen your joints gently, while you get in shape.

Well, I’m here to tell you: Your body can learn to move with ease and less pain.

As someone who has trained with world-class athletes, I know what it takes to progress through each stage of injury rehab and atrophy recovery. My work with INFOFIT and Enerchanges, a medically supervised exercise clinic, taught me specific injury rehab techniques. What’s more, I will show you the moves and techniques you need to avoid future injuries. I will analyze your posture, gait, and functional movement. I will listen to your pain-points, and provide corrective exercises to do on your own.

And finally, during your low-impact workout, I’ll closely monitor your form and progress carefully. Likewise, I’ll adjust your exercises with each session, so you’re always challenged to the right level. We will re-build your physical and emotional strength, so you can move more fully, without fear of re-injury.

Ready to enjoy a life with more energy, mobility, and confidence?

Gain Muscle tone

Before I started my workouts with Troy, I didn’t even realize that I had balance issues. Then, as the sessions progressed, I realized how much better my balance had actually become. For instance, I went paddle boarding with a group of people on vacation. I was one of the few who could actually stand on the board and make my way around on water without falling! I realized then how much gravity training had improved my balance, core stability, and strength. Just having an easy time with something that others were struggling with, proved that!

Josh Reimer

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