Womens Designer Bikini

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Womens Designer Bikini

Reign Swimwear is the epitome of the modern woman who takes great pride in standing in the power of her femininity. While male fashion has changed, it does not show the massive difference in cuts and design as the female counterparts. Women’s designer bikini is one of the most drastic fashion pieces that took a turn for the unrecognizable in less than a century.

Our store has selections that include sheer bikini materials that make the pair a fit for both the modern and traditional woman. We stock products that make a woman feel free, stimulating and protected at the same time. Why do we think that the bikini will give you protection?

The woman has been a subject of changing patriarchal laws since they started taking ownership of their power alongside the men. Women had to become equal providers after the war when the men who made it back home could not make a smooth transition to family life and the workforce. The female gender began to realize that staying puritanical and demurred was not honor of their expressive, sensual, and progressive nature.

Consequentially, the loosened against requiring women to be draped down in full clothing with the guise of keeping away predatory men. Instead, such men became accountable for any vice and threat to the female body.

Evolution of women’s designer bikini

The 1800s

In the 1800s, bikinis were non-existent. Swimwear could easily be termed to be bathing gowns. The trend kept true to the Victorian era with women wearing draping dresses for an afternoon at the beach. These dresses had buttons up to the neck, long hems, and ruffles bloomers. Some women felt too comfortable in the reduced clothing and would often throw on a legging or stocking.

The 1900s

The 1900s had many catalysts that led to the creation and launch of the bikini. Women empowerment had become a big deal and saying it like it is the standard of the independent woman. Annette Kellerman was a pioneer of form-hugging attire for women and the first woman to swim across the English Channel. She wore a head to toe tight attire buttoned up to the neck and got herself arrested by the Boston Police

Male designers such as engineer Louis Reard spearheaded the infamous launch of the two-piece bikini in the mid-90s. Marilyn Monroe and Brigit Bardot became the iconic representation of the belly-baring bikinis, and thousands of women followed in creating sensations in beaches of the western world.


Reign swimwear is at the forefront of social change with our collection of high end and affordable women’s designer bikini. Our sizzling collections will transition you from the oppressive and laid-back demeanor to a wild and happy one that fits in with the 2000’s pop culture.

The winning factor of our swimwear is that you can choose the more covered pieces if you do not like the tiny two pieces. All wears have a wide variety of sizes from extra small to three times bigger of the extra-large ones.

Womens Designer Bikini
Womens Designer Bikini
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