Yaletown Personal Training

Yaletown Personal Training

T Squared personal training offers some of the best personal training in Yaletown and all Vancouver, British Columbia. In fact, T Squared trainers believe in the seven benefits of exercise. And they remain the root of why they are in the personal training business and promise you will receive these benefits within five sessions. These seven benefits are more energy, better tone and flexibility, longer endurance, greater strength, healthier weight, improved mobility, and less pain.

Find the Right Service Offerings for You

What services do the personal trainers at T Squared personal fitness trainers in Yaletown Vancouver offer? Injury rehab workouts are offered that aim to get you back in shape safely and reduce pain. Personal training is offered to motivate and inspire you to reach and surpass your fitness goals. Lastly, T Squared personal training offers group training for a maximum of 5 clients at a time. You will have fun being able to workout with your friends and receive the personal attention you deserve.

Fitness Resources You Can Read

T Squared trainers are offering many resources to help educate you about health and fitness. T Squared's website contains a blog that contains a wealth of fitness information. The blog includes getting the most of the gym and its equipment, achieving strength, flexibility, cardio training in one device, and one thing every rehab trainer should do.

Comprehensive Pricing Options

T Squared of Yaletown Vancouver offers very competitive pricing options. In fact, single sessions begin at 90 dollars per session. And it includes the ability to pay as you go, book in advance, and enjoy the complimentary heated pool and spa. During each session, sleeping and eating habits are discussed to optimize your fitness.


T Squared fitness of Yaletown Vancouver understands your frustration. Frustrations can come with not meeting your fitness goals, and they wish to change that. That is why T Squared believes in promoting a positive attitude. And it implements fitness plans that work and that you will enjoy. And their fitness programs are so impressive that they will guarantee you results within five sessions.

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Yaletown Personal Training