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Recover and rebuild with T Squared's injury rehab in Vancouver. Join now and restore your body with specialized programs, personalized coaching, and expert nutrition counseling with us!

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Our Training Reviews

Mary Jessica
Mary Jessica
11 months ago
I started seeing Troy 8 months ago after not working out regularly since for years. Since then, I have noticed I feel stronger, have more energy and my fitness has returned. Troy pushes you during your workouts in the best way and makes them enjoyable. I wish I discovered these classes earlier! Overall, I highly recommend this personal training. Thank you Troy!!
Joseph Willmott
Joseph Willmott
7 months ago
As someone in my sixties who had neglected my physical health for far too long, I was beginning to feel the effects of age creeping in, with a noticeable decline in my core strength and mobility. It was a discouraging and frustrating time for me, but all of that changed when I started working with Troy. From the very first session, it was clear that Troy was not just someone who knew the science of fitness but also possessed a passion for helping people like me regain their vitality and strength. Troy understood that I couldn't just jump into intense workouts and push myself like I did in my younger days. Instead, they designed a gradual and personalized plan that focused on rebuilding my core strength, improving my flexibility, and enhancing my overall mobility. I would wholeheartedly recommend Troy to anyone looking to embark on better health and fitness, regardless of their age.
Aarushi Agarwal
Aarushi Agarwal
8 months ago
Troy is super mean! In fact, I remind him how mean he is every few minutes in my sessions with him!! He will totally take pleasure in your misery under him! However, plot twist: in just a few months of giving Troy the stink eye and dirty looks (and a lot of blood, sweat and tears), he has helped me become MUCH stronger, gain better balance and feel better physically! I have never been someone who enjoys working out but Troy has been supportive on my journey. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is intimated by regular gyms. I have never been able to stick to a workout before because they were often not catered to my fitness level and I felt out of place. Troy creates a welcoming atmosphere for everyone, and gets to know you really well. He truly does personalize the whole workout for each of his clients and always challenges and pushes you. He keeps you motivated and accountable by penalising you for cancelling a workout less than 24 hours in advance so I can never chicken out or get lazy! I would never admit this to Troy face-to-face, but despite him being mean, I look forward to every workout, especially after a long day at work (Troy, don't get carried away, willing to bribe you to be 10% nicer to me lol). He leaves me feeling tired but also mentally refreshed. I always leave his classes feeling better about myself.
Doug Setter
Doug Setter
2 months ago
Hey Troy, Thanks for kicking my butt with your gravaton workout. I have trained thousands of hours in different methods and the gravaton was definitely an effective 30 minutes. Arms are a bit stiff today. But, I have to admit that my knee pain is definitely less and I can see biceps appearing. How about that? --Doug Setter, former paratrooper, kickboxer, fitness trainer.

Our Services in Vancouver

Our fitness programs, led by certified fitness trainer Troy, are designed to create a supportive atmosphere for your injury rehab journey. With the added advantage of nutrition coaching and personalized training consultation, we provide the complete package for your success with T Squared!

Small Group Training Vancouver

Group Training

Revamp your fitness journey with Troy, one of Vancouver's leading Personal Trainers, through personalized group training, fun atmosphere and cost-effective programs.

Personal Training Vancouver

Personal Training

Unleash your inner athlete with Troy, Vancouver's finest personal trainer. Experience tailored fitness programs, workout plans, and nutrition coaching for a healthier, stronger you.

Injury Rehab Vancouver

Injury Rehab

Trust Vancouver's fitness coach for pain-free progress. Revive with fitness programs and nutrition coaching that mend your body starting today!


Who We Are

At T Squared Vancouver Personal Training, we transform lives through personalized fitness programs. Our certified personal trainers bring expertise and a holistic approach to guide your journey. With tailored care, we focus on physical strength, mental well-being, and overall health. 

Whether you're a beginner or an athlete, we support and challenge you at every step. As your health and wellness partners, we're committed to assisting you to achieve lasting results. Join our caring fitness community and unleash your full potential at T Squared Vancouver Personal Training.

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Single Session

$50 / $120 Group / Private
  • Pay as You Go
  • Book in Advance
  • Heated Pool & Spa

Group Training

$400 / 10 Sessions
  • Small Classes
  • Fast Results
  • Heated Pool & Spa
  • Discounts Available

Private Training

$900 / 10 Sessions
  • Customized Fitness
  • The Fastest Results
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Bigger Discounts
  • Heated Pool & Spa


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We know finding the 'Right" personal trainer in Vancouver can be tough. That's why we're offering a free session to give you the opportunity to work with Troy where you will learn to maximize your workouts and get advice that’s specific to your goals.

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Specialized process restoring physical function after injury through targeted exercises and therapies.