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Gravity Training System  


 Become fitter faster with a personal trainer! 

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Do you want to get fitter but aren't sure where to start?

Do you need to be motivated and guided?

Are you ready to commit to being a healthier fitter you?

I'm am experienced personal trainer, I do one-on-one  training and small (max 4) group gravity training classes. I am one of the few Vancouver personal trainers who are certified on the Gravity Training System. This system is safe for all ages, experiences and fitness levels it gives you faster results using a Pilates based system using your body weight as resistance.

Get fitter, faster working with a personal trainer!

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Personal Training

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Many people find it`s hard to work out on their own as it`s too easy to make excuses to skip exercise to do something else. A personal trainer can help you stay you on track so you reach your goals, and make sure you are exercising in a safe manner so you don't get hurt. Beginners and seasoned pro`s find it`s helpful to be held accountable by their personal trainer.

Come try a workout for free and see what it's like.

Group Gravity Training

Group Gravity class

My Group Gravity training classes are a great way to get fit and benefit from the expertise of a personal trainer but in a way that is a bit easier on the budget. Plus, my classes only have 4 people in them and are done in a private room so if you're a bit shy about working out in public this is a great alternative!

I have classes in the morning, at lunch and after work.
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All Personal Trainers are different, come and enjoy a free workout and see if you like the way I work with my clients.
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Hear From Troy's Clients

A review from Cole, a professional downhill mountain bike racer

 Hi, my name is Cole Carter I’m 19 years old I live in North Vancouver, BC. I race Downhill Mountain Bikes at a professional level for representing Specialized bikes, Intersport, NEMA clothing, Dean Optics and Sram. For my pre-season fitness training program I turned to Troy at T-Squared Vancouver Personal Training for his fitness training program for mountain bikers to get me in shape. I met Troy through a few of my racing friends and they all swore by him. Since I started I seeing him once a week, I have been training with him once a week for a few months now, and I can honestly say I felt and see a difference instantly in the gym and on the bike. He really got my core strength to where I needed it to be to race at the level I am and just gave me the confidence to hit that corner faster and going through the rocks with that much more speed. If you’re interested in getting in shape, whether it be for riding or other sports Troy’s definitely the one to go to and he’s a fun guy who he knows what he is doing. So check him out, thank you.

Cole's review of Tsquared Personal TrainingVancouver

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