Why Gravity Training is the Best HIIT Classes Vancouver?

    Why Gravity Training is the Best HIIT Classes Vancouver?

    When I first saw my first Gravity Trainer, I ran my personal training business at the personal training studio in Vancouver, Executive Lifestyles Fitness. So the first thing I said to the owner was there ( &%#%&* ) things where I mostly trained my beginner workout clients with bodyweight exercises. It’s the best HIIT classes Vancouver you’ll ever have.

    Try it. You’ll like it.

    He replied, “Oh, you will really like them. Would you like to try a 30-min workout on one?”

    Me, always wanting to do a workout with a fitness trainer. So I don’t have to think about what I am doing, just doing the workout. I was like, sure, why not. We agreed on the time, and I showed up.

    It was tough.

    My first experience was incredibly hard. And I was in the best shape, training 7 days per week in different modalities, Mountain biking, Hockey, and General fitness. The next day I couldn’t lift my arms for 3 days.

    I got stronger at Hockey.

    Following workouts, I was stronger, and I noticed I was much stronger in hockey and on my Mountain bike on the North shore. In my hockey games, I was able to control better players with my strength. I was also faster. I kept up to guys 20 years younger in their late teens early 20s. And they’ve been playing about the same amount of time since I had started.

    Better Biking.

    I hit bigger stunts in my Mountain biking, go faster down Whistler double Blacks, bigger jumps, 14, 20 feet, High ladders, or skinny logs. I ate them up. So I started to train my clients and noticed huge changes in their strength, tone, and abilities.

    On my own

    Eventually, over time – I had to break off and purchase my own gravity trainers. I liked them so much that I bought 5 to run group classes with. In fact, 80-90% of my clients come because of the uniqueness of the gravity trainer.

    When I purchased my EFI Gravity Trainers, my clients said: “Wow. It looks like a cross between a Pilates Reformer and the Total Gym. Haha! Remember those infomercials?”

    I grinned. Because I knew these clients were about to get schooled. 🙂 They didn’t realize how Gravity would elevate their fitness routine (and yes, their booty and energy levels, too!).

    One week later

    Sure enough, within a week of working out, my skeptical clients saw muscle definition faster than ever before. That’s because this powerful and versatile piece of equipment is a true full-body, HIIT workout. It combines the fat-burn of cardio, core strength and posture refinement of pilates, and the muscle building/toning of weights — all in one.

    The best part? It’s fast. Within a 60-minute workout, even when you think you’re resting, you’re still working out. You’re just engaging muscles in other parts of your body — usually in the places that need to wake up the most!

    So, I am offering semi-private workouts FOR FREE for those who have not tried Gravity or current clients who refer friends. That’s right: one for the friend and one for you. You can’t beat that with a stick! (or in the case of Chuck Norris, with nunchucks!)

    How Gravity Training Works?

    Quick results are a natural by-product of an extraordinarily efficient functional workout. You are moving quickly from one exercise to another on the Gravity Training System or GTS®. All in continuous multi-plane, multi-muscle movements for a sustained time. So your heart can work in the zone for cardiovascular endurance. Thereby increasing the productivity of your resistance workout.

    GRAVITY produces visibly quick results because GTS® forces all the five components of fitness into one gymnastics-like workout. In addition, nearly every exercise recruits the stabilizer muscles of the abdomen and back. As a result, you work for several muscle groups simultaneously, which decreases the time it takes to fatigue the muscles, making the workout shorter and more efficient.

    If you’re looking for a beginner or an advanced workout on the same equipment – you can see more here – HIIT classes Vancouver. Want to learn more about gravity training? We could even have a beginner and advanced workout side by side with slight modifications, and both parties will be happy.

    Are you ready to shake up your boring exercise routine in less time and with faster results?

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    Or refer a friend, and you both get a free class. There’s nothing like a buddy workout!

    Our classes are small/semi-private, not like big, impersonal gyms out there. But if you prefer, Troy is available for one-on-one Personal Training, too. Either way, you’ll get in shape faster and have more fun than ever before.

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