Swap walking for biking to improve your weight loss goal

Swap walking for biking to improve your weight loss goal

Are you working hard to keep your weight down and feel like you have stalled 


(stalled like your former buddies old 1995 Camaro SS piece of crap)


Swap walking for biking to improve your weight loss goals, one of the main reasons is cycling would burn more energy and calories since you have various hills headwinds, and you will generally run a much higher metabolic rate pushing through those challenges. Best would be to mix up your activities just to keep those pesky fat cells guessing and the body using that fuel to power the engine (muscles)...... 


Generally, you can compare about 40 minutes of walking to 12 minutes of hard cycling - in absolute terms, the walking can burn calories but it will take much longer. You might also want to ask yourself, do I need a personal trainer, the answer is yes. Even personal trainers have personal trainers.


Does it make a difference if I ride a stationary bike vs. riding a real bike outside? It depends... If you’re pushing the exercise bike at 100rpm for 20, 30, 60+ minutes on level 15 you will burn calories. If you pedal your street/mountain bike up a mountain you should burn more calories depending on how hard you push.


If you are able to maintain a higher heart rate either exercise will do but it’s much harder to do that walking so cycling in Vancouver’s bike lanes would also be muscle toning workouts. 


While cycling, you also get to see so much more ‘cause your able to cover much more ground and maybe get to that secret hideaway without driving your car. 

If you’re a beginner to working out or don’t have a bike try starting out on a stationary bike. Bikes are like gateway drugs when you own a bike 


N+1=NB is the correct amount of bikes to have. 

(Your current number of bikes owned) + 1 = The correct amount of bikes to have.

...Just one more and that’s it… “I promise”.


You could also try a spin exercise class there are many fabulous spin fitness clubs in Vancouver. Try to avoid the ones that use gimmicky moves like pushups on the bike or doing different arm swings and jumping up and down of dancing in the seat. You’re still on a bike and would you do that while riding down the street? Hell NO !! LOL And hey Gawd damn it wear your helmets don’t hang them on the handlebars, I'm glad that I bought a Troy lee Helmet at Dunbar cycles in Vancouver since a yellow cab in Vancouver turned in front of me and I couldn’t stop t-boning it


Want to join me for a bike ride along the sea wall? 

“Work hard get stronger, improve 1 thing everyday”