Sitting Is The New Smoking

    Sitting Is The New Smoking

    As science and medicine have advanced in the last century, so has our understanding of the ill effects of a sedentary lifestyle that has become common in the western world. We all know that poor eating habits and no physical activity can cause a snowball effect of illness, disease and even death, but we’re also starting to understand that for relatively healthy people long periods of sitting can be just as dangerous to your health as smoking!

    It may seem hard to believe at first, but when you start to think about the typical day of the Monday-Friday office worker, you will see how much time is really spent sitting in a single day. When you add the time you sit in your car or on transit, then at home, in front of the TV or computer, and it really becomes clear that there is just too much sitting!

    And the statistics are quite startling as well. Apparently sitting for 6+ hours a day can make you up to 40% more likely to die in 15 years as opposed to someone who sits less than 3 hours a day…even if you exercise! Sitting for 8 hours a day is unavoidable for many people, but it’s the extra time spent sitting outside of work that adds up to become dangerous to your health!

    The recommended minimum of 30 minutes of activity a day is not enough! You need to interrupt sitting whenever you can! At work, be sure to monitor your water intake, make drinking several litres a day a priority. Choose a small reusable bottle so you have to refill it often, and the more you drink, the more you will have to get up to go to the bathroom!

    Do some simple stretches at work like a standing forward fold, or try walking on the spot. Also, go a bit farther to get lunch if you eat out, and if you bring lunch don’t eat at your desk. You can also start by Hiring the best personal trainer in Vancouver, Joining a Group Fitness program, anything to get you moving your body.

    Bottom line is reduce the amount of time you spend sitting as soon as possible! There’s a chance it could save your life!